SSDs Replacing Hard Disks? Not Anytime Soon (and Here's Why)



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beside performance. SSD main feature should be durability especially in notebooks, if that not the case, why paying extra.

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I've had enough strife over buying something when it first comes out that I now have learned to just wait a few years.  I don't think the SSDs are even stable enough to last 3 years (if that).  There were a high percentage that were DOA (or would quit working after a couple months) when they were first introduced, and I think this is still happening now.



more companies should push hybrid drives. seems like a reasonable compromise to me.



1,000 to 10,000 writes? ( How long is that gonna last me? I'd be a lot more willing to purchase something like the X25-M if I weren't looking at a limitation like that.



I have had this older 200 gig HDD for almost 6 or so years (holds my music and misc crap).  I assumed that with no moving parts SSDs would last for an extreamly long time, but I guess I am wrong.  If I had two computers, one with a SSD, and one with a normal HDD, which drive would poop out first, assuming you are doing the exact same ammount of reading/writing on both?  I don't want to buy a drive only for it to last a few years until the memory is no longer usable. 



Wow and I thought being an American wasn't being a greedy cake stealing know it all?

And really for me, I say performance is crucial. The hard drive is the slowest thing compared to any other part of the computer.

I really would not mind getting rid of some storage for faster performance. That is why I would get 2 x SSD HDs with 2 x Terabyte drives. The 2 SSD drives raided and the 2 Terabyte drives also raided seperately for storage. And to be honest SSDs smoke Raptors! Look at some reviews please! It all depends on the SSD you get that will determine speed.

Why the hell do you need a terabyte SSD ATM, it is a bit much.


Keith E. Whisman

SSD's? What happened to holographic storage that was supposed to be available in 2007?

SSD's won't really be all that until they reach capacities of at least a terabyte and performance on par with a pair of velociraptors in a raid array. Yes I want my cake and eat it too. I deserve it I'm an american.

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