SSDNow V+200 SSDs Command a King's Ransom, Kingston Calls Them "Inexpensive"



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Only 480MBps for best case scenario? Which is the 480GB version on fixed benchmarks on a clean drive with queue of 32?

Well that means its a asymmetric ONFi drive. Which means the Crucial M4 will still be faster when both are clean and absolutely destroy it after TRIM.

Ill keep my M4 and toggle mode Wildfire.


Keith E. Whisman

I love innovation but it seems like its time to integrate the sata bus into the CPU and start using advanced memory technologies to bring ssd's closer to the performance of a modern ramdrive on a quad channel setup. I'm talking about reads and writes in the gigs per second speeds seen with modern ramdrives. That's seems like the logical next step but the manufacturers will wrangle every penny they can out of modern technology for as long as they can before we see a jump to this kind of technological improvement.



Those prices are outragous! I just picked up an OCZ Vertex 3 120GB drive for 179.99 and it has a $30 mail in rebate so that brings it down to 150. Right now on newegg there is a a deal on a 240GB OCZ Vertex Plus 240 gig for $200 after rebate.



Don't be fooled. Your Vertex 3 still destroys Kingston's drives in real world use. Especially after TRIM.

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