SSD Makers Battling for Entry-Level Market



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It's a 32gig crucial drive, and I bought it just for the sake of experiment. I had everything one one disk: program files, user directory, pagefile... everything. I really wanted a seperate disk for the OS; not just a seperate partation, if for no other reason then to prevent a drive arm from needing to oscillate back and forth from the page file to wherever the partion with data/execuable files are. Having a terabyte drive for the OS would have been overkill.

Currently it only has the OS and the user directory for the administator on it, along with a few mission critical apps like Office and some utilities. The default program files directory and the user directory are both on my "A:" drive.

I don't regret my decision at all. Recovery from hibernate, loading a browser or Office... it is all very responsive.

You can have your recession. I'm not participating.



I would rather pay $70.00 for a 500GB HD in my
laptop and go pee while I boot (multitasking). SSD's are to small and expensive
to be much more that a toy right now.




Yea Baby! Drive those prices down!


Electronically charged



Please review the new Crucial RealSSD C300.



look on anandtech the reviews are more thorough and also provide charts for those of us too lazy to read (like myself :D).



I'm waiting until 60GB SSD's drop to $80 or so. I can't justify paying close to $100 for 30GB of storage.



Has anybody put 2 or more SSDs in a RAID 0 array ??  If so, what was your experience like ?



Look at the video with a 24-SSD RAID. Thanks to the spam filter, just look it up on Youtube. 

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For me it's hard to go back to a mechanical drive since i've been using SSDs for my two main computers (work laptop and a gaming desktop at home).  I never have to see the spinning circle/hourglass in Win7 when on a SSD - everything just "pops".  Bootup, reboots, shutdowns, loading apps/documents, etc take a lot of time away from the core computing experience (playing that game or working on that document).  For me the time I save is worth the price.  With that said I do have tons or mechanical drives for storage and can't do without those either.



I think that when the price drops from $60-100 for a 50-120gig ssd, then it will be considered, afterall how long before we have to install games from BlueRay disks. Im sure most of us that do play would like to have at least 2+ games installed



I'm not going to jump on the SSD bandwagon until I can get over 100gb for less than $150. Otherwise, why not just buy a bunch of 1tb hdd's for $70 and put them in a raid array.



Because that just increases seek time raw throughput isn't the only thing that is important, .1ms seek.



Until you use an ssd you have no idea how slow a standard hdd is I was skeptical until I was able to get an 80gb intel for $150. Despite the fact that it's a g1 intel it hasn't slowed down at all regardless of no trim. If you have the opportunity buy an intel ssd they do not suffer as much from being used as other ssd's.



Once SSDs become truly mainstream with comparable capacities and more reasonable prices, then I might consider one for the occasional times I could use faster read/write speeds. In the meantime, I see nothing wrong with my 1TB Seagate.



 Meh, I'll start caring when it falls below $100. Till then, my raid0 barraducas are working me wonders, at half the price of a 30gig ssd.

Take that, capitalism. XD - I've always wanted to say that lol.




so damn expensive... ssd for the average consumer asap! :)

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