Sprint's Security Update for Galaxy S III Kills Universal Search Feature



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Its funny how the courts decided its patent infringement for one company yet RIM has a similar search function.



RIM isn't a threat.

Think about that.



Once again, brain dead patent examiners just rubber stamped another patent despite the fact that it is neither an invention nor nothing new.

Patents and other forms of "imaginary property" are immoral and are contradictory to the notion of real property rights. Patents allow someone to use violence and the force of government to claim ownership over an idea over a flawed application of Platonic Universals.

In order to truly own property, one must be free to arrange that property into any form they desire. "Imaginary property" laws are thus incompatible with true property rights because they state that if I arrange the magnetic bits on MY hard drive in a certain fashion, that I lose ownership over that hard drive because I have violated a patent or a copyright.



I don't agree with your simplification at all talking about specific arrangements of bits. A physical product after all is a specific arrangement of atoms. A drug after all is a specific arrangement of molecules.

Patents should protect research investments. Say a pharma company invested billions into creating some miracle drug. Another pharma company shouldn't be able to skip the R&D and jump right into profiting from the original company's work. Otherwise, no one would invest in R&D.

For Apple's patent here, no one invested much money or research into this idea. It's only an idea. Someone simply said "we should be able to search everything on the phone" and some drone at the patent office approved it. So what is the patent protecting? Mostly it's granting monopoly rights to one company, which seems completely perverted.

Samsung should have fought this because I don't think that patent would hold up.



I actually used the global search feature for the first time in 2 years of dealing with Android devices last Saturday.

It actually took longer than just opening Dolphin HD and typing whatever I was searching for in the address bar.

I can't imagine people actually used this feature.



so you're saying it took you longer to type "Samuel" than to open Dolphin HD and typing "Samuel"? I think I see a tear in the fabric of the space-time continuum.



Except I didn't type "Samuel".

I was trying to search for "480 ruger" or something like that. I typed it and hit enter and nothing happened. I hit enter again and it auto corrected to capitalize "Ruger" and that's it. Meanwhile I could have task switched to dolphin, opened a new tab, typed it and hit enter before the universal search would have found it.

When I use the built in search I want it to ONLY search the Web anyway.



I think he meant that the universal search was taking longer to actually search than him just opening dolphin and typing what he was looking for. I wonder....



Yes. It kept auto correcting and didn't understand what I wanted.

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