Sprint's iPhone Advantage is Unlimited Data



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I bought the EVO and then and Epic, I was and continue to be billed $10 a month for 4G service even though it's not available anywhere near me and now per their little conference, I'm not ever going to get it.  Add to this, the 3G network here runs at about IDSL speed and I end up feeling like I got screwed with my pants on.  I'll be cancelling my service and going to Verizon, they may have limited data, but at least I'll be getting what I pay for there.  As for their ETF, they can take it and suck it because they're not getting it.  There is one reason and one reason only Sprint is still has unlimited data and hasn't gone to a tiered service like Verizon & at&t....they'd hava a mass exodus that would crush the company.  No one in their right mind would pay for data services on such a crappy network.  Sprint, my days as your customer are limited...as, I think, are your days as a national carrier.



"They'll love the 4S. I bet my life on it." ~Steve Jobs



Hopefully this phone will be CDMA.  It would be nice to jailbreak it and pay $55/mo. for unlimited talk/text/data using Cricket, Leap or MetroPCS.



Of course it will be CDMA. That's what Sprint uses, not GSM. 



i am just letting you all know anyone who has 4g gets $10 fee per phone. guess what? we dont have 4g towers where we live! *sprint*

the iphone 4s is a 3g phone and is the best deal ever, because of the unlimited data plan. 



You got the "unlimited domestic long distance" part wrong pal. "Coast to coast calling anywhere in the continental U.S." is what it is and it's sort of a lame "feature" for most customers. It's not unlimited; you use plan minutes regardless - unless it's night time or weekends minutes. Not that it really matters though, the Sprint plans still rock - I know, I recently switched from AT&T. CDMA coverage smacks AT&T to the ground.



You have the plan wrong, as that is 450 anytime minutes plus unlimited night and weekends (nights start at 7, but you can get 6 for $5 extra), and free any mobile to mobile calling. Toss in roaming, unlimited domestic long distance, and the unlimited messaging includes picture, video, and text, and free GPS (which others charge you for) and SPrint TV and Radio. Makes for a much better deal now doesn't it?



Ah, but does Sprint have as good voice/data availability coverage? (Not that I know the answer, this is an actual question)



I think they do, as everywhere I have been I have had coverage. The coverage will improve over the next 2 years as hey complete their 4G build out and will surpass Verizons

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