Sprint's Definition of "Unlimited" Jibes with Merriam-Webster



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While working for Sprint, they consistently ranked dead-last in customer service and even as an employee, I found their customer service so bad that I wouldn't have ever used them if my services (DSL, cell phone, pager) weren't paid for. I even caught the support desk's "manager" lying 3 times in promising to resolve issues with my cell services and bills which were never resolved and ended up suing my own employer for...not to mention I'm currently a member of 2 pending class action law suits against Sprint (I'm no longer employed there)...


Anyway, as jaded as I am towards Sprint, I have to admit that this is a refreshing change in the industry to see them adhering to truth in marketing, if they do indeed have no limitation to their bandwidth usage.



I left sprint about 10 years ago because of their terrible customer service. I switched back to sprint a little over a year ago and haven't regreted it in the slightest. A lot of things have changed in 10 years. They went from being dead last in customer service to pulling dead even with verizon which is almost always first. Their pricing can't be touched. the plans really are unlimited. And I have had no trouble with customer service or billing. I couldn't be happier.



Well more power to Sprint!

They currently are ranking near the bottom for customer base, but by playing it straight up like this and saying "hey, we're not yanking your chain here" hopefully will start drawing them more customers.



Advertisements for anything unlimited or free always seem to have limits and costs.  Unlimited until you get dropped for reaching some unknown limit.  Free except you have to pay for shipping and handling.  The use of unlimited and free have been misused a lot for years.


Jer Stryker

I was a happy lifelong (as long as I've had a cell phone anyway) Cellular One/Cingluar/AT&T customer, but when I was ready for that smart phone last fall, I had to leave.  AT&T started putting out their tiered data plans, and their only decent smart phone was the iPhone (no thanks).

Sprint had a better phone (Epic 4G) and the best wireless plan I've ever been on.  All that usage info on my bill is simply academic now.  My friends who got the Galaxy on other carriers are still counting their texts, minutes, and kilobytes.  I get to actually USE my phone!



I think its about time there was a class-action against at least one of them.  With any other service or industry, "unlimited" means UNLIMITED!  its amazint that these cell companies get away with it! 



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