Sprint Won't be Selling the Nexus One After All



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I have Sprint, and I wasn't waiting for it because I didn't planned on shelling out $400 for a phone. The most I've ever spent on a phone was $200 (Palm Pre). I get a new phone every year.



I was waiting for it!



While it sucks from the perspective of breaking the carrier hold on users, at the same time, the Nexus One is a really laggy device full of issues that devices like the HTC Incredible have resolved.  The Evo 4G will likely be better than the Nexus One and resolve all those persistent issues that Google and HTC just won't fix.



i am chomping at the bit to get my hands on the new EVO 4G, i am still on the samsung instinct, it was so much better then the iphone, ahh then the 3g came out.... oh well, this ones going to work, i hope!

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