Sprint Turns Over User GPS Data to Police 8 Million Times a Year



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It's all about control.



Its the no court order part that bothers me.  I don't mind that they can access those records.  However law enforcement should have a court order.  Its all part of the checks and balances.



If you wanted to screw with them a bit and didn't mind having your phone turned off, you could have it off and only turn it on when you got to a specific destination then turn it on for a bit, turn it back off and move to a new place and turn it on again.  lol. 


All jokes aside though that seems to be wrong to dispose of my privacy without telling me about it.  



The ability to track me isn't what is upsetting, Its the fact that these companies are allowed to profit from it. Its fine if I can be tracked, but there should be a system in place to make absolutely sure that it does not get abused, and the only compensation anyone should get should be to offset the expenses of collecting said data. If a company can make 2k a month by selling out each of its customers to every person that walks through the door, you can bet they are going to do it.



  Home, home, pizza, home, library, home, home, chinese, home, home, home, my sister for thanksgiving, home, home. Well, that is my week. Good luck using that against me. And shoot, I had to go through a toll booth with my RFID toll tag to my sister. I think the police would get extremely bored very quickly...



The free market model has taken a new turn for the worse. Selling your information to law enforcement for profit is just wrong. Law enforcement getting data without court oversight is not how a free republic should operate. I write this knowing that it will pass through the San Francisco ATT branch were all data is collected for future analysis. Yeah


I Jedi

Um, what fantasy world are you living in? This hasn't been a freed republic for a long time... Hell, we don't even recognize ourselves as a Republic but as a Democracy... The two are not one in the same.

I would also argue with those out there who say that they don't care because they never do anything wrong to begin with. Well, you should care because it's your privacy at stake. Would you let some man walk into your house, start reading your personal mail, bills, etc, and walk out and not even care? I sure as hell wouldn't, and the same idea should be applied to things like this. The people of these supposed United States give up their freedoms left and right all the time. 



You need to pick up a newspaper.  This ain't no free republic no mo'. You lost Habeas Corpus on October 16th, 2006, and haven't gotten it back.

(World) Peace

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