Sprint Still Pleading Against AT&T's Proposed T-Mobile Acquisition



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It sounds to me like Sprint is more worried about becoming irrelevant than competing.  A product or service has to be compelling in order to compete, and apparently the only thing Sprinxtel has going for it is their $70-for-everything plan.  Mr. Hesse should be revelling in the opportunity to prove that the biggest market share doesn't automatically mean the best product or service.  If AT&T-Mobile and Verizon decide not to innovate, their customers will eventually do business elsewhere.  The argument that big companies stifle innovation in this hyper-connected world has become tedious at best.  As the world grows smaller and people become aware of new technology before it even hits the market, businesses that don't adopt or adapt find balances sheets covered in more red than the wall behind the bad guy who pulls on Raylan Givens.

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