Sprint Scuttles 4G into Six More Markets



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Bring it to Minneapolis/St.Paul and I'm in! The reason why I don't have the HTC Evo 4G is because we have to pay the 4G service premium even though we don't even have 4G in our area!!



It is available in various areas within the 694/494 loop.  I get consistent 4G connectivity downtown, and also found a strong connection in Edina.


Keith E. Whisman

is the image on the phone from the movie Airplane staring Leslie Neilson? Sure looks like it. Rest in Peace. Detective Drebin is dead. The streets are far more dangerous without Frank Drebin shooting people just to luck out and discover they were all bad guys. 


I Jedi

"Sprint's 4G service (6Mbps) offers up to 10 times faster Web browsing compared to 3G (600kbps - 1.7Mbps), which comes as a boon for things like streaming video and music."

And that's why companies, like Youtube, preload streaming music/videos for uninterrupted watching.


Keith E. Whisman

The commercials say that Verizon is bringing 4G LTE to the masses in December, I can only hope that means Phoenix too. BTW, recently I took a Greyhound bus back and forth to and from Salt Lake City, Utah and my Verizon phone stayed in the network almost the entire trip with only a few minutes with no signal. 

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