Sprint Introduces the 99-Cent Netbook



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It is a good deal only if you are in the market for mobile broadband service ($60 a month is normal service charge plus the cost of the card) otherwise take the $1400 and purchase a real laptop with wifi



Remember around 10 years ago or so when you could buy a super cheap or practically free computer from Best Buy or Circuit City? Remember the catch was you had to sign a 2 year ISP contract for $30+ a month dial up? Remeber how lame that was? Well, apparently everybody forgot because here we go again.

Of course the wireless companies have always done that and are still doing it. Here's a free phone but you have to sign a contract for the service. Bah. That business model is out dated and bad for consumers. Enough already.



I remember that!  Apparently they still think we are all stupid and rely on those who are. 

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