Sprint: HTC Hero and Samsung Moment Ineligible for Android 2.2 Upgrade



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I'm mad at Sprint -- when I bought my Samsung Moment I was told it would soon be upgraded to Android 2.1.  Yeah, right!



 The nice thing about the Android platform, is that if the phone manufacturer won't release the update to your selected handheld, you can rely on the modding community to take care of that for you.

My HTC Magic+ was never going to see Android 1.6. Ever. I'm now running Android OS 2.1 on it, and waiting patiently for the Android OS 2.2, This will keep me using my phone for much much longer than I normally keep phones.

If your handset won't be getting an update from the manufacturer, google for rooting it.


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Attention, all early adopters of innovative technologies:

Please be advised that you are setting yourselves up for disappointment. Cherish what cash you have now. In the future, in order for you to upgrade, we will successfully separate it from you.

Thank you. That is all. >:- (

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meh the Hero was released when android was well established. Its more representative of the fact the price of rapid progress in this industry is rapid obsolescence of old hardware and standards.



Sounds like a hardware issue it probably didn't run as well as they had hoped.



Personally I sold a lot of these moments to people because adobe advised that flash support would be released soon for android...

 It's not too big of a deal because theres already a custom rom w/ flash libs pulled from 2.2 and injected to 2.1 - Found @ SDX I personally don't own a moment because I'm a poor white guy but I've rooted a few of them and i'll put this flash on one to try later today. 





It is sad to see a phone you bought 6 months ago already ineligible for an upgrade.  I wonder if this is a hardware issue or if they just want to push people to the newer phones with high profit margins. 


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I am pretty sure that it is an hardware issue, because the requirements that Froyo needs may not be met by the other phones (its the same way the first generation iPhones are out of luck with iOS4 and even the 3GS can't do Apple's take on multitasking)

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