Sprint Files Suit Officially Opposing AT&T and T-Mobile Merger



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Also note, that if the deal were to go through, AT&T would be the ONLY major GSM player in the industry.  Some of us who like to travel like to stick to GSM as we can then keep our phones while we're abroad as most other countries also use GSM.



When my family moved from Cingular to AT&T, my family was not pushed over to cheap phones nor where their rates hiked. I am sure the same thing can be said about former Nextel customers and former Clearwire customers, excluding some not-so-soft-spoken outliers. This is blatant hypocrisy on display.




You were not with AT&T when Cingular purchased them, I was. I was given two months to transition to a more expensive Cingular plan from my much cheaper AT&T plan, or Cingular would choose a plan for me. I, obviously left AT&T since Cingular would not honor my contract, which still had a year left, they tried to get me to pay the ETF fee, but I informed them, since they were the ones that terminated my contract early, the ETF no longer applied as I was a free agent, so please sue me. They never did, I signed with Sprint and have been a very happy Sprint customer ever since. Plus, get your facts right, Cingular purchased A&T, not the other way around.



Actually, you are both right.  Cingular DID purchase AT&T Mobility quite a few years ago.  At that time, Cingular required customers to change their plans to ones that were handled in the Cingular line.

But, just a couple of years ago, after SBC Communications (the old Southwest Bell) bought AT&T, they changed their name back to AT&T, as they were part of the original AT&T before the DOJ forced AT&T to break up in 1984.  The new AT&T (SBC Communcations) then bought BellSouth.  This meant that AT&T then owned Cingular completely, as it was previously a joint venture between SBC Communications and BellSouth.  When this happened, the Cingular name was changed to AT&T.  As the only thing that changed was the name and not any plans, there was no reason to require subscribers to make changes to their plans.

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