Spotify's Free Music Deal Ending Next Week



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Spotify on the desktop performs pretty crappily. Also the mobile app on my droid constantly is syncing offline tracks. Its a POS. Thinking i'm just ripping high quality off my old cds and going with google.



Uninstalled, unimpressed, not worth the time to make the account tbh.



I haven't used it for more than 3 hours of music a month (yet it is my only music service). That said it doesn't make sense for me to get a subscription. Additionally, 10 hours a month seems like a lot to someone like me.

I have no problems with this, and if I ever start hitting the wall, I'll be more than happy to pay for a good service like theirs.


Brad Chacos

That free time hooked me. I plan on signing up for the $10/mo premium plan. I listen to the desktop version all the time now, and adding device/mobile support on top of it seals the deal for me.


BTW, big adverts have been popping up on my Spotify screen the past few days tempting me with a month of free Premium access, so people who don't want to give up the unlimited music but don't want to pay for it either might still be able to squeeze out a little bit more freebie use.


Holly Golightly

Ugh, I can't believe Spotify STILL requires a FaceBook profile to open a premium account. Well, that is fine by me. I used TuneIn Radio since Spotify was initially released in USA. I never looked back. I get no giant pop-ups or giant ads. Heck, I do not even get commercials at all. It is not a bad substitute for Spotify when you consider that it is free. I use it for Android. Not sure if there is a desktop version...

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