Spotify Grows to 2.5 Million Paying Members



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Holly Golightly

Ugh, Spotify STILL requires a FaceBook account to sign up and listen. They would make more money if they just got rid of the damn FaceBook requirement. Oh well... I have a perfectly fine answer for Spotify... What is it? Easy! It is TuneIN Radio! It is the truly free alternative with ad-free radio stations. Reliable service all the time without the FaceBook.



No they don't, I didn't use my facebook to register....just sayin'


Holly Golightly

Tell me, how did you get around? Everytime I try to sign up, it always asks for a FaceBook account, and if I do not have one, it tells me to "go get one" which to me, is highly unprofessional. Maybe I can get Spotify without FaceBook when go to Moscow or something.

Maybe you got Spotify when it was in beta stage... Because right now there seems to be no way around their damn requirement. If there really is a way around it... In the USA that is... Please share it, because seriously, this is insane.

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