Spore Movie Evolves -- Sprouts Director, Writers



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EA has worked this cash cow to death. I was pretty excited about Spore, and bought it shortly after its release. I played it on and off for a week or so and haven't touched it since. It just wasn't well executed. The only part of the game that's truly a sandbox is the last bit, and it gets old really fast. And ever since, I've been getting EA spam in my inbox every month or so telling me about another addition to the Spore franchise. It's usually an expansion pack with features that scream "I should have been the game since launch," or some new waste of time for a portable system I don't have. And now a movie? Give it a rest, EA.



Very bad Idea! come on people, can we find something worth while please?



 How that they do that that man is a Genious , a genious! I mean just look at...er...at...um...ok...I got nothin'

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Basically, I can's see how they can do a film about Spore without a heavy message on evolution. And we all know that's a much-loved subject in the U.S. ;) The drama surrounding the movie might even be more entertaining than the film itself. lol



hmmm... sounds like this could be really good or really bad IMO.

still cant wait to see anyways.

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