Speculation: Toshiba Thumbs Nose at Blu-ray, Toys with Internet Enabled DVD Player Instead



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So I am supposed to believe that I can buy one of these players, pop in my DVD, and I can download the HD version of my movie for free? I'll believe it when I see it! Don't the movie studios have to be on board? Won't they lose out on all the $$$ they make by selling consumers movies they have already bought? Example:I have the Indiana Jones Trilogy on DVD from 2003. I didn't buy then new set with "Never Before Seen Additional Content" that studios are pushing in 2008. I won't buy the 4 movie set that will no doubt be coming in 2009 when the 4th movie hits stores. I might buy the 4 movie HD set that probably won't be released until 2010 or beyond. Don't believe me? How many copies of Star Wars have you bought? Rambo? Blade Runner?


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