Spec Sheet Leaked for Acer's Ion-Based Hornet Nettop



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 I commend Maximum PC on enightening the readers on anything that makes my life easier. I'm not a big gamer but I do still appreciate the valuable information I have read since becoming a subscriber. I applied the Boxee patch to my apple TV and have had some success in viewing Hulu content, but some shows freeze. I just read that Hulu has created a new add-on that will emulate a browser and possibly fix the problem I'm having with some programs. I'm using Handbrake to back up my media collection with AnyDVD. I have a huge collection of movies in the H 264 using Handbrakes new Universal preset. I would love to use a portable solution other then Apple TV, so that I could play multiple file formats and not be limited to building a full size pc with noisy fans and big cases. I was looking at the Moneual Nettop computers recently advertised in the July issue but they are rather pricey. Other alternatives only play Windows Media center WMA files. I need both. It would be great to have another 200-300 dollar solution besides Apple TV. Many DVD's I purchase also come with free digital downloads , but they are in WMA formats and won't play on my Apple TV without conversion. It takes me 5-7 hours to convert most of my ts video content on my older computer. I'm not sure what formats it will support, but if I can install Itunes since it is a mini pc I should be covered for anything that might pop up and still play any WMA downloads. Save me a lot of time converting DVD's. Keep up the good work!!



This is Maximum PC, not Minimum PC. For goodness sake, quit wasting our time with netbook/nettop crap. I don't care about netshit stuff. I read Maximum PC because I want Maximum PC stuff. Knock it off guys!

Anybody out there also agree with me?




right its Maximum PC and whats more Max PC then having a stream medial server, a gaming lap top, and a netbook?


and a iPod 

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