Sparkle Proposes Better Heat Dissipation with Diamond Technology



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In the ever-changing world of Information Technology (IT), creating
effective IT solutions is key to organizational success. For over a
decade, Diamond Technologies has been taking the uncertainty...

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According to the manufacturer, video-card companies need to find new ways of solving heat dissipation, and its own R&D team has been hard at work developing a diamond-like carbon (DLC) membrane that can be used on the surface of a video card's cooling fins to add a number of benefits.



it wouldnt be totally crazy to start a new form factor focused towards cooling....granted the current setup does have cooling in where all the components on motherboard like flat and parallel, instead of perpindicular, would allow far more methods of removing an excess amount of heat, rather then a small portion. + the allowable surface contact to reduce more heat.


Keith E. Whisman

Soon you will be able to purchase your HSF's at pawn shops.

I'll take that 4Karat GPU HSF please and that 17Karat CPU HSF.

Just imagine my boys will be able to propose for marrage with a HSF just right for their girlfriends. 



between diamond head conduction and gold plated connectors.....

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