South Korea Rules Virtual Currency is as Good as Cash



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You are confusing two similar yet separate terms - gold farming and gold selling.

Gold farming is a legitimate practice of playing in a certain way as to maximize the rate of gold earning. Many players gold farm if they want to more gold, and has nothing to do with selling the gold for real money. The extreme of gold farming is using bots to automate the process, which is not allowed and may get you banned.

Gold selling and buying is an illegitimate practice (prohibited in the EULA) of exchanging virtual gold for real money. It is frowned upon because it allows players to have an unfair advantage - unfair because the advantage was not acquired by playing the game. Sites that make profit by selling gold often employ gold framing techniques to maximize the gold collection and thus their profits. Bots are often used.




right but the the term gold farming is like an umbrella term amd may imply both collection and trading.

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