South Korea Aiming for Widespread 1Gbps Internet Access by 2012



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True, JohnP and someone87 have valid points.  However, our government apparently only cares about lining their pockets.  A balance between government regulation and ISP maintenanceis more close to what is needed.  True, some ISPs need a gook rack in the nuts (Comcast, I'm looking at you), but the same can be said for some of our congress members.  Too many have been in too long and need to go.

Oops, strayed off the topic.  Isn't ADH FUN??


SGT Samuel Eugene McCalrd II




With my state of the art 7 Mbps connection, I can transmit 1GB in only 20 minutes!  The difference in Korea is that the government is doing the work - not individual companies or towns.  Granted it will be subcontracted, but still, this country will be behind the curve if they don't force these ISPs to get to work.

I can upgrade to 10Mbps for another $10 per month, but why?  I should be getting 20 Mbps down, and 2MBps up for what I am paying!  Get to it, ISPs!



The reason your ISP sucks is because of all the government regulations it's currently imposing.

If the Government would just get out of places they don't belong (private business) you would have what your asking for, or better right now.

Trust me, do your research, the same goes for cars, air planes, computer, healthcare, all kinds of Tech and products. If you look at the rules and regulations companies have to follow, then all the taxes we pay as business owners, it's a wonder anything gets done.

Then there's unions, your ISP (I am betting) is union, which causes everything to happen really slowly, and is really costly.



In the small town I live in (Havre, MT) we didn't get any kind of high speed until 2004.  All we had in town was Qwest and dial-up.  The cable company moved in and brought high speed.  All of a sudden, Qwest brought in DSL.

So, I disagree.  While I do agree that regulations and unions and taxes slow things down, this does not make the opposite (no regulation, tax cuts, ban the unions) any better.  Monopolies get lazy real fast and concentrate on maximum profit vs service (see: marginal cost and how it related to a monopoly.)

It takes a balance between the two, which we do not have here in the US lately, leaving us behind the curve.



The US has 10 states larger than the whole of South Korea. Their population is also has 6 times the population density of the US. Wouldn't it be a lot EASIER to wire a country that is small and heavily populated?



If Al Gore invented the internets shouldn't he be upgrading it right about now? 




Japan should be able to catch up pretty fast.

The same can't be said about the rest of the world.


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