Source: BlackBerry 10 is Doomed to Failure



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Seriously who cares about Blackberry anymore?


I knew they were out of touch with reality when they showed a video of how awesome "Blackberrys" were....except everyone in the video was using Droid Incredible 2's. Since then RIM has been on a downward spiral. 



Maybe Lazaridis is not telling the whole truth in this case but on the other hand, the fact that they have mentioned the chipset is not available until summer and the company behind the chipset HAS NOT DENIED IT indicates to me that that is indeed the case.

RIM has already released a statement refuting the unnamed sources statements and has confirmed that the PB will receive the scheduled update in Feb with email, etc etc.

As well, a buddy of mine works at RIM and another at QNX so I've seen some of the stuff they're working on and it's QUITE impressive.  We were playing Angry Birds (the PB version, not the Android version running on PB) as well as played games on VICE (Commodore 64 emulator which has been ported to PB) a few weeks ago.

They have lots of sweet stuff in the works.. let's just hope they get it released properly!



let's see here, they can choose between WebOS or Android, license Winphone 7, or even Belle (the former symbian) why the hell are they waisting their resources putting out a half finnished operating system that they already know will fail without fundamental components such as email and messaging?



If they were smart....They would just slap Android and an BBM app on their hardware and call it a day.

After all you don't make money with the OS, but with the hardware sales.

Suck up your pride RIM and let the Big G maintain and develop the OS end of things.







RIM is just yesterdays technology and the blackberry is no good I thinking they are regeting not merging with Amazon 



^^ what he said :)



Holly Golightly

Whoa, what the hell? Even the phones are being stripped down? Feels like the PlayBook all over again. Gosh, we need more competition, not less. Why is RIM going through all of this madness in the first place?



Good thing that Web OS is now open source, they Should just use that

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