Sorry Windows Modders, Xbox One's Kinect Sensor Won't Plug Into PCs



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There's probably a good reason... Think about it, it would be cheaper for MS to manufacture Kinect's if they were exactly the same.

The old Kinect sensor for PC had a different lense than the Xbox Kinect, because you're likely going to use the PC one at a closer range. Maybe Microsoft really intends to push the new PC Kinect hard and you'll get a much more consistent experience for developers to develop to if the two devices are kept separated and the PC version is highly standardized.

Also, because they separated the two products, they would have been able to tightly integrate the Xbox Kinect at the hardware level, and probably for cheaper as well.



I expect the new PC Kinect to require Windows 8. That would be very Microsoft.

I just LOVE how they stipulate, "Not for gaming," on the PC version. What a pack of assholes!



Isn't telling modders they CAN'T do something almost the same thing as DARING them to try?



Bill Gates leaving Microsoft was a colossal loss for them--now they have no idea what on God's green earth they're doing. Slowly they just continually chip away at the loyalty they've built, and erode their very foundations. One of these days, they'll look up and wonder where all their customers went, and by the time they take corrective measures, it could in all likelihood be too late. They're going the way of Apple.




Sooooooo Trueeeeeee



And Microsoft wonders why it's Windows PC platform is dying....


Golly gee, lets give the completely unprofitable XBox gaming platform total preference over the Windows PC platform and it will fix everything!




I was just explaining to a friend yesterday why people hate Microsoft. Stupid crap like this.



[sarcasm]Gosh, that sure is a surprise.[/sarcasm]



This is real a shame. I have been saying for a while now that Microsoft has been doing things like this to help dictate and control their market share for their Xbox's and their newest OS's. This is just another example of the direction MS is going, but can't understand why.


John Pombrio

The new Kinect is a big jump from the original, as you can tell by the Windows version needing a USB 3.0 port just to run it. Making the drivers and supporting the developers is the reason for the higher price tag on the Windows version. I never thought that the old Kinect was a worthwhile addition to my PC and never bothered trying to make it work.


John Pombrio

I'm going to get a LeapMotion for my PC. Its a much better fit for actual PC commands. I am not planning to build a next gen evil robot (for NOW anyways, BWAHAHAHA).



One step forward, two steps back.

Apparently Microsoft simply does not learn.

When you have fierce competition you want to do everything you can to give your product an advantage over the competition. Such as, oh I dunno, being able to use the fancy new Kinect module on your PC at no extra charge (or at the very least, sell them an adapter).

Cause you know someone is going to hack it anyway, so what's the point?

Why must these companies always jump into an empty pool head first?



I agree the DIY field is getting more and more wide spread and what used to be considered too complex for the average person anymore, is now $50 bucks in tools and parts for a prototype.



Arrow to the knee



I was gonna buy ten of them.

O well.



I just can't believe the cost of the PC version of the unit... As much as the entire console itself... Holy cow... (sans the Kinetic ofcorse... but...) It isn't worth it. Although I hate the Kinetic system at least so far, but I just don't get it by any means. Maybe I'm just seriously missing something. ?!?

Ok, I'm a cripple. And no, it's not a dirty word. I have Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. Been in a wheelchair since I was 34ish. 38 now. Can't much feel my hands or legs. Can still play games on mouse/keyboard, but never was good on those console sticks anyhow (another topic). But flailing arms around, jumping (or my case bouncing at best) and screaming at the monitor... What's the point?



adapter from china in 3... 2... 1...




Oh, now I'm bummed. We have to turn to a communist country with low wages to fix deliberate design limitations from a very rich company headquartered in a democratic capitalist country. There is something very wrong with that.



As a communist I take offense that you call that ultra capitalist nation one of us. While they once were communist, they are just a capitalist dictatorship nowadays with our name on it.


Mad Mort

Ha! So true. ...I'm already on e-bay, hitting "Refresh" until one shows up.



Shouldn't be too hard to make one, I wonder if I should try it out, I mean it could be some good money selling it.

Just gotta map out the leads, worst case a little driver magic right?

Could probably use styrophoam to create the needed dimensions of the apparatus for the kinect to plug into.

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