Sophos: Social Networking Security Threats on the Rise



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Why bother, just create a stupid game or app that everyone can join, and facebook will give you all the personal info you need about its users! Because they clicked on the box that said they agreed to share it with you.



It always amazes me how many people use facebook. With the odds of something happening to you being what they are on anything else, people would just walk away. But not facebook. It is true what they say: "Never underestimate the power of stupidity in large groups."



A lot of people say that, but give me a valid reason to not use facebook if I'm not doing something stupid like posting my private information online. Facebook allows me to keep contact with people and isn't as messy as emails because it seems like no matter what kind of filter or prevention method I use, I always get spam via email. I sign onto facebook like once or twice every other day, the nature of my job requires 12 hour shifts and going on facebook on my offtime is a bit of a hassle to say the least. To say that people who use facebook are idiots is a bold and derogatory statement, especially when you're making a no-point comment. Also, people who tend to use that adage tend to forget that not everything that's popular is popular because of the idiocy of man; usually they're popular because they're worth it. Facebook is only a multi-billion dollar company, that money didn't come from "the power of stupidity".



I was going to comment on the fact that the money made is by selling your info, but it just isn't worth agruing over. If you like using it, and being sold, fine, you are the product that facebook sells, I just can't justify using a site where I am the product.

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