SOPA Blackout Leaders Launch The Internet Defense League



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my neighbor's half-sister makes $70 hourly on the internet. She has been laid off for five months but last month her paycheck was $17706 just working on the internet for a few hours. Here's the site to read more NuttyRich.c0m



I DL - quite the acronym. but I do like the idea.



I notice one important online blog site is notably missing, futureus. Yes, I'm talking about you.



As long as they respect the right of content owners to be compensated by the people who view/use their work, I'm all for it.

I'm also aware they probably do not care about my approval.



There is no "right to be compensated" nor is there a right to "own content". Such "positive rights" (those that oblige action rather than inaction such as negative rights) are the fictitious creations of government and have no basis in natural law. This is not to say that people who create artistic works don't deserve to be compensated, merely to say that there is no "right" to this compensation anymore than there is a "right" for a store to have good sales figures.

Property rights derive from the fact that physical property is a scare resource. If I have a car, there is only one of that car. If someone takes that car, I no longer have the ability to use that car. Now, there may be other cars of the same model that may look similar, but each one of those is still a different car.

Ideas, however, are not scarce resources. One can copy an idea without depriving the original creator of the idea of the possession of any property. Thus, the entire concept of, and even the term "intellectual property" is dishonest at best. In essence, copyrights, patents, and trademarks allow one to claim ownership over a universal at the expense of individual and actual property rights.

"Intellectual property" states that, if I own a hard drive, an actual piece of physical property, and that I arrange the magnetic bits in a certain pattern, that I loose my property rights to that hard drive. This is inherently incompatible with the very notion of property rights and it is incompatible with the concept of a free society.

For the majority of human history, copyrights and other forms of "intellectual property" did not exist. And yet, artists still created works. Inventors still invented. Musicians still created music. Writers still wrote books. Copyright and patents are a modern invention and, while they may have been created with good intentions, the reality is that they do little to protect the little guy and do everything to enrich the pocketbooks of large corporations and "intellectual property" lawyers.

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