Sony's PSN Pass Cripples Content In Used Games



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Sony has a long history of shooting itself in the foot remember "Betamax". It continues today and their greed has cost them more money than it's made not to mention customers. For example my brother refuses to buy anything made by Sony because of their business practices. But to be fair they make good products and they are not the only company to pull this crap. For me I buy used games because I don't want to spend $50-60 to find out I don't like the game and I don't have a lot of time to put into mastering a diffcult game.


Bottom line just don't buy games that have this feature maybe one day they will get it.



I have no other choice but to buy used Games I am a Gamer on a VERY fixed income and I just can't everytime pony up the Cash to get those games online when they start this. Right now I don't care because I can't use online any way because my Rural area sucks with broadband but when something better comes and I can get online on my PSN I would have missed out on those trials that they have and the 2 free games because I am held back by the Internet that I can only afford which is 3G but lately been acting like Dial-up. 



Well I didn't completely switch to pc gaming just yet... but after seeing this... I think I'm going to switch to PC gaming completely. Afterall I have a decent gaming machine :)



And now there are 3 publishers from whom I will never buy another game. Keep digging your own graves game industry. You too Sony.



In all fairness, it isnt "game makers" who dont like the resale of games, its the publishers.  Game designers i dont think give a shit, they all pirate each other games any way just like any one else. And YES they also buy games to, just like every one else.


Im also pretty fucking sure that what they DONT like is pissing off consumers with draconian measures such as this.



I don't like it as a consumer but from a business perspective it's brilliant. Odds are it won't cost them original sales, and it doesn't matter if it costs them used sales because they weren't making a cent off of them anyway. 

I guess you could argue that a used sale on Game X 1 could become a new sale on Game X 2, but I'd think these leaps happen less often than anyone would think.  Once you get used to being a month behind the curve you never really need to go back.

From a PC gaming point of view, Steam has conditioned me to wait until July or December for games. When those sales come I stock up on enough dirt cheap games to get me through to the next sale. Even the new daily deals haven't swayed me yet. The only new game I've purchased and paid retail for in years is Civ V and in hindsight while I don't regret the purchase, I dind't need to have that right away either.

I guess this is just another perk of being an almost exclusively PC Gamer.



Black Emporium in Dragon Age 2 sucked!  It had a cool atmosphere and let you change your character model, sure, but the items sold were shit.  They were unaffordable early game and useless late game.  I cheated to give myself money and buy them only to find that they were worse than the other items I had acquired simply by playing the game.  That angers me.



I suppose it depends on what the "full online access" includes.  If it's really just dlc, then its more reasonable to require people to purchase that content if they didn't buy it with the original game purchase price.  If its not dlc and is somehow tied to access to onilne play, then it's a really really bad move again by Sony.

Either way, it doesn't help the nightmare that is Sony PR right now.



they have already done this with a few games. if im not mistaking, the newest SOCOM for psp was like this. if you bought it used, you couldnt play online without a $10 online pass. these game companies are just getting more ridiculous by the day

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