Sony's Dash Adds Netflix Streaming to its Feature-Set



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You gotta hand it to Netflix, they sure know how to capitalize on their name.

Looks like a neatish device, but really its just a redheaded stepchild. Most of the functionality I see is easily delivered by my phone, and in a more convenient package to boot. The other things, streaming Netflix for instance, can be more logically done by my other devices. Like my HTPC.

This looks like a device for people with too much money and no good idea on what to spend it.



This looks like a good device for the Kitchen or other places where most people don't have a TV.  It's hard to build a HTPC for as cheap as this, and this may just fit the bill for a lot of people.



Do you often find yourself wanting to watch a movie while cooking? I am a bad enough cook as it is, I definitely don't need any distractions to make the situation worse.

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