Sony's Cyber-shot TX5 can Surf or Turf (Water, Shock Resistant)



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Olympus' offerings of waterproof cameras has been dissapointing.  They have put out over half a dozen different models, but the image quality is poor, even for  point and shoot cameras.  I had been using pentax's line until Canon introduced their Powershot D10, which has the best image quality of the waterproof cameras options on the market.  I am interested to see the results from sony.



 "Only Sony can deliver a technology packed, ultra slim, fashionable
T-series camera that is also durable. Until now, you couldn't have it
all in one camera,"

Olympus has had a similar camera out for a good 5 or more years, but theirs is good to 33 feet and a 7 foot drop.   As well as the 14 degrees and 720P.

I'm really glad another company got into this though, before super expensive (and bulky) diving cameras were the only water camera option, hopefully this will drive the price down on Olympus' cameras.  Now Sony just needs to match the 33 feet of water and I'd for sure get it, that's almost perfect for rec diving.  



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