Sony Xperia Tablet Z Available to Pre-order for $500



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Why bash the price on this? The Nexus 10 has a $499 option. That didnt stop people from buying it. The plus to sony is that it has micrsosd. Plus to nexus is that its runs a pure android OS, without the bloatware. Sony has alot of great options on this and im sure the screen quality are very similar. I would almost consider this as I am almost considering their ZL smartphone.



I got to play with this tablet over in Akihabara this past weekend.

It's amazing. It's very fast; the screen is awesome; and it has an IR port. The interface isn't overdone, either. I almost bought one until I read that it's being released in the US, as I like my warranties.



It's a nice looking tablet, but it's overpriced.

Sony still markets itself as a premium electronics company. They haven't had that kind of cachet in a long time. Samsung replaced them years ago.

Another doomed Sony product. As nice as it looks, I'd be a buyer at $400 or so, but not at $500. But for right now, I'll just hang on to my iPad 2.



Samsung products are far from being "premium", i've owned more than one their products and found them to be cheap actually. Their plasma's have terrible burn in problems and look really cheap besides a Panasonic and as for their phone... my galaxy note didn't last more than 6 months of extensive use before both the mUSB plug barely worked and the audio jack needing to be fiddled with to get stereo.
Samsung is great at one thing and that's impressive specs on paper, they sacrifice build quality for quantity/price.

I don't like apple products mainly because of the sandbox environment but you have to give credit where it's due, their build quality is one of the best. I'm hoping this Sony tablet will give me the same quality of the iPad but with android :-)



Sweet I've been looking for something I could play games on while in the shower! And I wouldn't have a problem of it getting hot if I took a cold shower



"we're just don't know if there's a significant market for $500 Android tablets right now. We'll soon find out."

we just don't know...



Looks impressive but I only paid $289.99 for my Asus TF300T and the only thing lacking that the Xperia has is HD display (not an issue for me). My Asus runs very fast and is very responsive. Of course I unlocked and rooted it, am running a custom ROM and have it overclocked to 1.6 Ghz.

I agree that the Xperia is overpriced.



Let's hope Sony does a better job with cooling on this table then they have with the Experia Z smartphone, as there are quite a few reports of the Z phone running to hot to hold against your ear, and when it heat sup then it gets real laggy.



I pretty sure the screen is 1920x1200.

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