Sony Working on Firefox OS Smartphone



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I went from an iPhone 3G to a Sony xperia arc (Android based) and I loved it so much more than the iPhone that I eventually upgraded to Sony's xperia T.

Sony is capable of making great phones it's just that they aren't top of mind when people think of cell phone makers.

I fear that if they switch to a different OS that they will lose any ground that they have gained.



Perhaps the people think of all the anti-customer moves Sony has made over the years.

Also, if Sony's Xperia T phone can use a regular MicroSD card, why then do many other Sony products mandate Sony's inferior, and pricey, proprietary knockoff?



As much as I love seeing alternatives like Firefox and Ubuntu for smartphones, I still feel that if it can't play Angry Birds, it isn't going to make it.

That is; you have to not only sell me a product better than Android, you have make it so that I don't feel like I'm losing all the Apps and services I'm already using. While the games are nice, you have to get the major feature developers on board too (Dropbox for example; it's not an Android feature, but any phone without their support wouldn't even get my attention at this time).

Just my $.02.



Yeah that's true and it's likely that because of Ubuntu for phones coming later this year Firefox OS probably won't gain much traction if any at all. The Ubuntu phone just looks more promising considering how good it looks and functions just in it's pre-alpha stage.



That's why I think the blackberry android app player is a winning idea.


I Jedi

I think it is important for these types of services/innovations to happen because they allow people later on to see what a service/business got "right" and what they didn't. Android didn't just come out of nowhere with allowing people to freely innovate on the Android OS and make their own ROMs, etc. Someone at Google saw the potential for what the Open Source Community was already doing and achieving and thought that an open source smartphone was a great idea to push forward. If I am not mistaken, there was also a previous smartphone OS in the early 2000s that allowed people to change its source code, etc, but apparently it flopped.



I'll agree to a point. If they come up with a better free option that competes well with the services that I already use, then it will make it fine.
Just my $0.25 (read "2 bits").

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