Sony Won't License Playstation Brand to Sony Ericsson



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i have come to appreciate is the PSP. I personally have never liked the feel of cellphone games and am not really interested in a generic handheld with the Playstation label. If it is good enough, I will buy it even without the label.


Keith E. Whisman

So Pulkit your trying to say that Sony won't license the Playstation brand to itself? LOL... So Sony has something in common with the City of Phoenix Management. LOL...


BTW I got my February issue of MaximumPC magazine and I think that Page 102 has the most artistic image ever taken. That man and his baby are the visual definition of handsome. Oh yeah it's me..





It sounds very strange but its true. They don't want to keep the interests of their JV in front of thir own. i will have to flip to page 102 to see what exactly we have got their to marvel. Cheers



They want their fans to keep their wallets heavy so they can make them buy a new bluray player that will have comparable speeds to a DVD player. Or better yet a new PS3...



 Sony is reluctant to license the Playstation brand for a product that doesn’t conform to the lofty technological standards the brand is associated with. ---

means ---

Our vaginas hurt cause you made a comprable product based on our design thats beter and more practical and we might lose a few bucks or a percentage of market share if we let you make this better product.


This same stupid stuff is holding back major and exciting technologies world wide ( can u say Nvidia and  Intel?)


Dear Company CEO's:

get your heads out of your wallets (which is convinently located in the seat of your pants) and let the people enjoy the benefits of technology that is worthwhile and practical ---




granted i am a ps3/ps2/ps1 fanboy



 this has got to be one of the most useless/unnecessary things i have ever seen.

or am i just saying this because we are living in times when being frugal is a necessity to survive?



The economy is sick. Let's starve it and see what happens.

You can have your recession. I'm not participating.

(But really, don't give sony any of your hard earned money, especially after the prerendered "gameplay videos" made to promote the P.O.S 3, needlessly adding Memory Stick to the aleardy numerous set of flash formats, David Manning, and on and on and on...)

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