Sony Websites and PSN Suffering Outages, Anonymous to Blame?



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if anon really wanted to stick it to Sony they would use geohots hack to find out how Sony's kill-switch works and simultaneously flip them all. can you imagine the outrage against Sony, the loss of customer base and market share. Sony would have replace millions of consoles. maybe than they will learn you cant fight a war against the people that pay your salary



Would the outrage really be against Sony, or would it be rightly directed at those anonymous idiots? Doing that would not garner any support for whatever cause Anonymous claims they are crusading for. And since when do hackers pay the salaries of corporations? Most hackers hack so that they don't have to pay for their games.



Of course they're not going to admit that Anon is beating on their network. It would be bad for business and their image.



I have a theory about anonymous.

From the name they've taken plus the various descriptions of how their group operates and is organized that it's almost more like a flash mob then a vigilante group.

From what I understand it started from a "underground" bulletin board and just sort of grew organically from there.

Some one posts a suggestion for an action or reaction to another's actions, and then other members either jump on board or don't.

Almost more anarchistic then anything I think. Which means that any inconvenience or damage to anyone that might be seen as a innocent party won't really be considered. If it ever is considered it'll often just be viewed as a causality to/for the cause

I might be wrong about this, but I think fighting anon's going to be more and more like boxing with smoke. You might think you've layed a haymaker but you really didn't do any damage because there was nothing to hit.

Bottom line, if anon is behind this then it blows for PS3 (which I own) and PsP owners, but don't expect it end anytime soon.



And here I am cruising along with my PC connected via. HDMI with netflix and everything else running. Never really bought into the PS3 craze.



Two wrongs don't make a right.

There are other, more supportive (from the community) and productive ways to attack sony for pursuing GeoHot. Sticking it to sony is actually sticking it to the users in this case.

I understand the fascination of attacking companies through their websites, but since so many services that users have grown accustomed to hing on these sites, and so attacks should be a little more surgical, so that users (which I'm assuming Anon is trying to support in this "war") will respect this motive as a positive thing, and not just simply a take over, damaging services that users do want.

If you want to show your strength, and play hard ball with the powers at large, you have to fight dirty, because that is how they will fight in return. Anon sounds like a group of nerds hiding in their mothers basements, probing sony for any weakness, and immediately exploiting it, regardless what effects it may have on the community. Take time to study your enemy, and do not immediately use exploits as you find them, but take your time, and use said exploits to discover other potential exploits, then when you are fairly confident you have that royal flush, then show your cards...

right now, you are showing your cards with a pair of deuces... not very smart in the long run.

Start attacking the specific parts of the company, mainly the legal department, and not online services, or i will hunt your asses down for being idiots.



If I remember correctly from the broad statements made about anon from their home, anon is mostly above average intelligence, from middle class families, white, male, ages 15-24, and is a social shut in. That is your average anon for the most part. As for dwelling in your parent's basement; that's just being shockingly insulting; many of us have to occupy our parent's garage since they don't have a basement.



If you wanna screw with sony, why are you doing it in a way that screwes over us innocent gamers :(



"If you wanna screw with sony, why are you doing it in a way that screwes over us innocent gamers :("

Because they probably see you as the enemy as well. You choose to support a company like Sony so you suffer the consequences. The only reason companies exist is because of their customers, so in reality you're part of the problem.



Some of the most successful protests ever have been successful by disrupting innocent people and calling attention to the cause.

I don't think that's what'll happen in this case (because really, not enough people care about this issue), but it's a method that has worked before.



No online gaming or Netflix access! I'm pissed at him. But more at Sony for being A-holes with the whole jailbreaking situation.

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