Sony: Watch Out for Exploding Counterfeit PS3 Controllers



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...a controller could explode, unless someone actually put something that DOES explode into first. Hell, you'd have to pump about 10 amps into one to make it explode, and even then, it wouldn't really explode...the IC chips might, but they wouldn't make it through the controller housing..  lol


Keith E. Whisman

Sounds like to me that since Sony says it's difficult to tell the difference between a Sony controller and a deadly dangerous counterfit controller, that perhaps there are no Counterfit controllers, just a bad lot of Sony controllers that explode and Sony is trying to suggest that they are fake to save money on possible warranty repairs and lawsuits. 

This has conspiracy written all over it. I'm sure Elvis is alive and aliens exist as well. 



This smacks of a shady advertising ploy that's been around for a long time.  It's like a cookie company claiming "No-one has ever died from eating OUR cookies", implying that their cookies are somehow superior and the competition may actually be dangerous.




1.  Playstation 3 gets hacked VIA usb device

2.  PS3 firmware gets update to block said exploit

3.  Sony releases another update blocking bunches of USB devices and claim it's because of exploding controllers.

Get real, they are just trying to prevent piracy but giving us an excuse to why your >$60 controller no longer works.  I've never seen a controller explode.

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