Sony Tweaks its Ebook Strategy



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Don Piano

oops!  dupe



how does this compare to the kindle 2? My wife wants to get a kindle 2 and I told her to look around see if there is anything else out there. I just don;t know enough about these to make a good judgment call for her.



A quick note about a few of the differences between this and the Kindle is the Sony Reader uses the xml based BBeB format for their books and the Kindle uses a proprietary format. What this means, is if the Kindle ends up getting discontinued and your device breaks, you lose everything you purchased. On the other hand, Sony's BBeB format can be fairly easily converted to a different format because it's xml based, so in the event of the Sony Book Reader being discontinued, you don't have to shell out more money to replace all you purchases.

Another thing that was a big deciding factor for me was the ability to upload RTF, TXT, PDF, and images straight to the Sony Reader for viewing on the go without any modification, while for the Kindle you need to email them to your Kindle and pay a small fee to have those same documents converted to the Kindle format and sent to your device over its wireless connection.

The Kindle has wireless access while the Sony Reader does not. This is a nice convenience which enables you to download books on the fly, but as we saw a couple weeks ago, this enables Amazon to remove content from your Kindle as they see fit.

I suggest checking out the following links for the more info on all the features these both offer.


Don Piano

@mls067 -- There are quite a few e-ink readers besides Kindle and Sony Reader, such as iLiad
and Cybook.  Some of them have been around longer than the Kindle and
the Sony Reader.  Visit this page to see a list and links to their

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