Sony Throws Hat into Subscription Music Service Ring



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Sounds a lot like to me. Except grooveshark is free. Is it legal? I dont know. But its free, and its easy.



So let me get this straight...this will only work with my desktop machine? After all, I won't buy a Bravia because it's LCD, and besides, it's another cable required for outputting to the amp; I won't buy a PS3 because I'd rather hit the frag limit first with my kb/mouse; I can't store the music on my hella-expensive Memory Stick in my 580i; and even in the future, I won't have a Sony wireless device.

I suppose one of the positives is that their streaming music won't silently install a rootkit on my machine.



Right? They can't install a rootkit, right? Right? [/end sarcasm]

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