Sony Tablet S Goes Up for Pre-order, Ships September 16



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Keith E. Whisman

Tablets need to be 10" or larger and cost around $300 dollars and I don't mean $399 either but more like $299 for a 16Gig model. $299 for 16Gb models and the market will swing heavily over to android. Tablets need to be Android and stay that way because if you start to flood the market with dozens of different OSes you'll end up with nobody happy. One OS to rule them all and leave it open to be improved by anyone that can make it better. If everyone works on perfecting Android then we'll have a tablet OS that can't be beat. HP shouldn't have bought WebOS and then tried to use it. They should have let it die and work on Android. Android is where it's always ever been and will stay. 

It looks like Sony took the same ole guts and put them in a new shiny box with a smaller display then the competition and on top of that Sony is charging $200 dollars too much for it. 

Perhaps if it came with a dock or something like could anyone possibly justify the $500 dollar price tag.



Another one that won't sell, just like all the other android tablets.  At that price they need to be much better than the ipad, at best they're equal.  That or cut the price by 30% or more.



Why don't they create an affordable tablet not a $500 piece of shit, you can buy an Archos 9 pc tablet running windows 7 for the same price and double the storage 32GB for 500 instead of 16

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