Sony Sues PlayStation 3 Hackers



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Maybe sony shouldn't have made it so u couldnt install a different OS any more.

There u go sony U get what u deserve!!

If u buy hardware it should be yours to do what u please with it.

Because u own it!!!!!!



its not this guys falt that the ps team made a weak a** code come on now insted of takeing this guy to cout and wasting are taxpayer $$ thay should give this dud a job maybe he can wright a much stronger code but no doubt some one will hack it in time thats what ppl do and there are a lot of smart ppl out there



On one hand, this information could cause sony millions of dollars along with devaluation of their product considering people will probably prefer a pirated game that costs less over anything; the general consumer already download more free music than any record store can sustain.

On the other hand, this move also makes sony look like ****s at facevalue. Either way, they're losing out. 

I agree with their actions though, they're going to lose money, might as well make the guy that opened the door pay a bit of the damage. To be hones though, I would still prefer the 360 over PS3 any day =/



Hey sony, it is going to happen, you getting hacked into....Let will happen, Or lower your prices on the damn PS3 (and its game).  Almost every game system has been hacked.   You can try to block it. But someone will figure a way around it.  Have a nice day!


Michael Sorrentino

I agree with Sony's actions, this hacker has released info that could cause every game developer to shy away from the PlayStation 3 costing Sony millions in financial damage.


Peanut Fox

The thing is you can't sue for theoretical losses.  Since you can't say how much you may or may not have made, it's impossible to put a number on it.



So Apple should sue anyone who has hacked/rooted their iPhone or iPad as well as all the other manufacturers who have had their equipment hacked or rooted should follow in Sony's footsteps?  This is ridiculous.  90+ percent of the hacked or root devices out there are the direct result of someone elses effort (in other words they followed instructions on the internet) so maybe they should be sued as well.  The point is if you are going to go after your own customers for modding their own equipment you may want to rethink your business model.  As long as the individuals OWN their own equipment if they want to go to their buddy to find out how to hack, root, or mod their system then that is THEIR RIGHT to do so as that equipment belongs to them NOT the manufacturer (hence why I paid $300 for it).  As for releasing the PS3 code as long as he acquired it from his own system and it wasn't acquired from an illegal act such as stealing the code from Sony then he has every right to publish any and all information in which he has discovered on his own.  It's call freedom of information act...  If Sony wants to do something about it just make the security code stronger next time.  They brought it on themselves.



Since he bought and paid for the PS3, how can it be illegal for him to hack HIS OWN PS3? 



I think if he did it on his own, and kept it all to himself then that'd be one thing, but publishing the information is another.



"Sony is upset that Hotz figured out Sony's secret codes"


Funny stuff, Sony is upset that there poor key system was broken and so they sue the people who broke it instead of making a beter one.



The only way to make a better one would be to make a PS4, and even then if it had backwards compatibility, it wouldn't be easy at all to determine which PS3 title were legitimate.

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