Sony to Shut Down CD Manufacturing Plant



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I still buy cd's and will continue to do so as long as I can find the music that I enjoy in that format. But as a victim of EMI shutting down CD manufacturing seven years ago, I can definitely empathize. Though it proved to be the catalyst for a major career change for me, the uncertainty that the future held for a while was very disconcerting to say the least. I hope that Sony will give the laid off employees the type of severance packages that we received from EMI. It wasn't the same as job security but it definitely helped with the transition.

My thoughts and prayers are with all of the Sony employees.



The college name is actually Rowan University and it's in nearby Glassboro...  Used to be Glassboro State College way back when....  It's kind of a shame to see that they are closing that plant down but not too terribly surprising...  Pitman isn't exactly the kind of place I would expect many manufacturers to consider when looking for a good place to setup shop.



It will be a tragic day when most music releases go exclusively to digital downloads. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if iTunes offered Apple Lossless as an option. (AAC @256 Kbps isn't terrible, but it's not ideal for archiving. I can make my own lossy material if I want it.)

The first music distributor of decent inventory to offer FLAC as an option will have my business. But then again, they could just unscrupulously transcode MP3 and pass it off as lossless for a premium price.

WTF is wrong with people?? Do those who really care about sound-quality have to be a minority now?? The people (read:teenagers & twenty-somethings) who should be most likely to hear the difference between a CD or lossless and some crappy bit-rate AAC or MP3 are the ones who ironically don't care. Since they undeniably drive the music industry (at least the ones who are still paying for some music) they will dictate what formats are available to the general population.

...I don't mind all you punks on my yard. I just wish you'd all get a freaking clue.

(Sorry, Gordon; didn't mean to attempt to encroach on your mastery of The Rant :P )



Can I tell the difference between my $20 headphones and $150 headphones?  Absolutely. Can I tell the difference between radio music on my stock car stereo and iTunes songs? Sure. But unless I'm listening to music on a quality 5.1 or 7.1 stereo system it doesn't make a difference because downloaded music sounds just fine.

You obviously know a thing or two about audio based on your post, so expecting everyone to be on the same page is just idiotic.



95% of the time there's only 1-2 hit songs on an entire CD so why buy the full album? There's only a few bands that release albums I buy on disc, everyone else gets my dollar via iTunes.



I still get 99.9% of my music from cds.



Same here. Only time I buy digital music is if the album is only available as such or the CD is insanely priced



I have actually bought maybe 1 or 2 cds in my life, and im in my twenties.

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