Sony Shows Off 1.4-pound Vaio "Netbook"



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Leave it to Sony to take a simple idea and turn into something overpriced. This looks like a great $500 super small netbook, not $900. And the little IBM pointer mouse? Well, it does save space. The netbook area is going to kill itself. Too many variations of the same model, and everyone is adding features that bring it back up to real notebook prices without the performance. Why? Because they can't make money at netbook prices! Sony is wasting its time and talent putting out a netbook at this price. Keep it simple. And forget Vista or Win 7 run Linux and use the cloud to handle apps.

 In coffee shops everywhere, latte sipping and goateed hipsters are laughing into their pork pie hats at you Sony.



1.  1.33gHz Atom?  That's slower than almost all other netbooks (run a 1.6 gHz)

2.  Where's the touchpad?  I understand the value of a reasonably sized keyboard, but how do I control the mouse?

3.  $900?!  I can get a full-fledged laptop with a dual core processor and even dedicated graphics for less.  Yes, inegrated GPS and 3G is nice, but my Blackjack 2 does all that, for $50.

4.  Is 2GB of RAM even going to be worthwhile with such a slow processor?

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