Sony Says 4.1 Million Move Controllers Have Shipped, No Word on Sales



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not that anyone should much care about these 2 items on a PC website I thought I'd at least point out that the 4.1 is worldwide... and NPD is just national.


Oh and the MS 2.5 million is also world wide.



I work at Target and I can say first hand we sell more Kinects than Playstation Move accessories. Of course Wii's sell more than either of them.



This type of games never caught my attention, neither the wii, kinect or this PS move controller. I own the camera, i use it mostly for video chat but thats it no moving around games...  



Will you take your spam somewhere else, Im not interested on jerseys... I rather buy $250 worth of computer hardware than sports apparel.



Yeah, the spam is getting kind of ridiculous, it really takes away from any conversation you want to get started on these interesting stories.


Ryan Whitwam

There used to be a more aggressive spam filter, but people had trouble getting real comments through often. Not sure how best to deal with this.



I would suggest something similar to how commenting is done on Kotaku/Gizmodo/etc where the account has to be approved before anyone can comment. Sure it'd reset everyone back to nil but it'd be nice. And if the comment section could be collapsable. So if you have 8ppl reply to someone, it would use the @name tag to indicate WHO you are replying to, and it would make the comments section much more readable...


And "hire" (volunteer basis) visitors like myself and others to moderate! We're on the site a lot and can help squash the spammers pretty quickly!



sounds like a plan to me. let s do it! in the mean time, how about getting rid of captcha since its completely useless

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