Sony Reveals Walkman A-Series



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I got my zune Hd 16gb and thats all I need.



 I'm still trying to figure out why all that stuff is needed. I can see needing an LCD screen for track selection, and FM tuner is nice if you need or want to listen to the radio for a bit instead of your music. But video out? lyric display? Can anyone explain why I need Lyrics displayed on a tiny 2" screen? If I'm on the bus, the last thing I want is for some tone deaf person belting out lyrics badly...

And then that brings me to the new iPod Nano! Why the FUCK, does it need a camera?! It's a goddamn MP3 player!!


-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-



... I'll take anything over an iPod. you're paying for the name. ill never own an ipod or iphone regardless of compatibility. ZuneHD, ftw. i hate portable players in general. My Alpine head unit in my car takes usb's, so i have all my music on a nice big USB drive for it. none of this alternate f-ing around with an external player. why would i use an ipod when i can preload 64gb of music on a flash and throw it in my car. im not a douche who jogs or works out. either way.... apple..... fail. if i had t use one... ZUNEhd... ftw.



Since when are people who jog or work out "douches"? I think you meant "healthy."



I've never owned an Apple product.  Don't really want to either.



I just purchased a beautiful MP3 player from Creative Labs yesterday on, with 32 Gigs of memory for $229... so the walkman is looking just a tiny bit expensive in comparison.



Maybe if it was $200 or $150. As it is, it doesn't have enough advantage over the ipod nano to justify a price more than twice as expensive.


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