Sony Reports $315 Million Loss, Expects "Significantly Lower" Hardware Sales



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I remember when Sony was the best high-end choice when it came to electronics. Trinitron TVs, great sounding stereos... My loyalty to Nintendo was swayed when the original Playstation came out. The original VAIO PCs were good quality rigs using standard parts compared to the proprietary OEM builds from other PC companies.

Alas go into any store nowadays and see Sony products commanding a premium without any apparent benefit. A seldom-used DVD player I bought 2 years ago already has issues. :(



The problem with Sony is not their hardware. The problem is Sony Music and Sony Pictures interfering with their ability to make good hardware.

If ever there was a company that needed to be broken up...




Sony lost the edge a long time ago. Their focus has been on executive compensation for a long time now and it shows. The products are not really innovative or technologically superior. Their quality has fallen way off the mark. Their treatment of customers and their vital personal data shows contempt for the consumer base that support their sales and profits. It’s no surprise they have been bleeding red ink for some time and suspect they will continue to do so until they make innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction a priority.



315 Million you say? Well they just need to sue somebody that created a product that even remotely resembles anything Sony has created.



Here we go, more misguided sony hate.



I don't see any 'mis-guided Sony hate' below - well maybe one person is a bit angry. I see logical arguments for why Sony has been sucking wind for the past 5 years, all of which I agree with, and have personally experiences. Those problems are:
- Sony is disconnected from their consumer base - they just don't listen
- Sony is more focused on protecting their current IP than they are on creating new IP; draconian DRM and unpopular changes to firmware are examples here
- Sony has lost its lead in innovation. The Vita would have been a great device 2 years ago, but was arguably obsolete when it was released, for example.
- Sony doesn't make quality products anymore. I bought a Viao that died the same week the warrantee expired, and my fiancee's boss had the same thing happen. You look for better in a manufacturer than that (or at least most people will after their first device tanks).
- Sony is, generally, not a customer-oriented company. They are Sony-oriented; take care of the executives, take care of the stockholders. Too many MBAs, too little REAL creation, love of invention, and innovation.

These have all been an ongoing problem at Sony now for years. I used to love Sony, and would love to see them succeed, but they can't stay the same and survive - they need to start listening to their customer base and start providing true quality again.



but as it turns out, maintaining a positive outlook no easy task

should be

but as it turns out, maintaining a positive outlook is no easy task



SONY is a complicated story. They created some truly great products (the Walkman for one, the original PlayStation for two) but let arrogance keep them from winning the BETA vs VHS and minidisc vs CD wars. Then with the PS2 they used the brand loyalty from the PSX to increase their mind-share of the public even further. At that point their products were already becoming mediocre but people were so enamored that they didn't notice.

A couple of very public security problems, an earthquake and tidal wave, a world-wide economic slowdown, and suddenly it's becoming quite clear how completely out of touch with the world this company has become. If they don't overhaul their entire company in short order they may indeed cease to be the juggernaut they had become.



The PSX was a great product?! A greatly overrated disappointment, perhaps.



...that sold over 100 million units.

Yeah, clearly everyone agreed with you.



That in no way disproves my statement.

Just because many people bought into it, doesn't mean that it wasn't overrated and a technological disappointment that rode to fame via unjust hype. Reality TV shows and ratings would be a good example, or for a more relevant example, Final Fantasy 7 (the whole franchise, honestly). People bought that, and there were far better RPGs on the market.

I tried it, back in the day, and it was unplayable for me. Long load times, laughably bad 3d graphics, horrid 2d graphics...while the PC topped them all, the N64 destroyed the PSX.


Peanut Fox

Not only that. It cemented sales of the PS2.



The PS2, which was also underpowered crap, and which lied in its advertising to gain an edge against the technologically superior Dreamcast. As a PC gamer, my eyes were and are used to higher resolutions and this concept that the PS2 never quite grasped, this little concept called texturing. So many models were simply colored, and where there were textures, they paled compared to the other 3 consoles. Yes, I know that is due to hardware limitations of the PS2, but that brings me back to lies in advertising...

The PS2 had the advantage of being a decent DVD player which could do more than play DVDs, while not costing significantly more than a standalone DVD player back in the day.



maybe, just maybe, consumers are fed up with the way sony treats them. instead of seeing customers, they see potential criminals. The root kit fiasco with audi cd's prove this point alone. I've had a number of sony tv's fail during the warranty period that they refused to honor the warranty.

i hope this company becomes history. i will never buy another sony product or service again & i know a lot of people who feel the same way i do.



I agree that Sony had become a little arrogant over the past few years. Their products have lacked the innovation they were known for and still are mostly overpriced.

However, I don't wish them to fail though. I still love my PS3 and the first party games associated with it. Their problem is that they have lost touch with the consumer and have not kept up with the competition in terms of pricing, features, and style e.g., Samsung and Vizio.

If anything, they've been one step behind the competition in every way. Heck, Microsoft even killed them in the console wars this year and Samsung's killing them on the TV front.

Time for them to reconnect with their customers and put their prices more in line with the competition.



All I can think is "Ridge Racer!"



I always assume ridge racer physics in real life driving, helps me make very fast turns

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