Sony Reportedly Mulls Pulling Out of iTunes



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I can only hope that sony performs some kamikaze attack and both them and apple go down in flames. If only the world dealt such swift justice.



It's about time a big corp like Sony stand up to Apple's bull. As much as Apple has a right to keep any competiton at bay, Sony has all the rights to pull everything they own away from Apple. If only Google and the other devs have the balls to do the same thing, where will Apple be then? One thing that Apple has been consistent about is screwing with any partnership they start with. Just ask Adobe about them.  



As bad as Sony is I think this is good, since it could set a precedent for dealing with apples bull shit tax on not only things sold in the app store but things sold by things sold in the app store. I don't understand what screwed up logic their using to think they can earn money off others work simply because they host the service that allows a different product to be downloaded.



They can charge a tax because it's THEIR store and they have every right to do it. They're the most popular app store around so they get a cut for the apps people are putting on their store. If the developers don't like it then they can choose to stop selling through Apple. If they decided to pull their apps then I'm sure they'd lose way more money than if they kept paying the Apple tax. I'm not saying I agree with the whole thing, but it's Apple's right and the developers are just crying about it.



after sony got sue happy i stopped caring about them. when they realize how much money they would lose by doing this they will wuss out. go in your cave and sulk sony, the time when you where "cool" ended with the PS2 and the walkman CD player

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