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Keith E. Whisman

I used to really love his music until The Boss proclaimed he was leaving the USA that he was born in for Europe if George Bush was reElected. Well it pissed me off. I really don't understand people that lose their patriotism all because of who is President. I have always been proud to be an American and willing to Die for my country no matter who is president. What is up with rich libs that turn tail just as soon as things don't go their way. Sorry guys I just get disgusted whenever I see Springsteens pics. 




He was hoping that by blackmailing the USA he could get the outcome he wanted in that election. Unfortunately, he overestimated his fan base.

Besides he didn't accomplish anything...The president decides on Foreign policy, not domestic policy (all he has is veto power which can be overruled by the supreme court). So technically moving out of the USA put him right infront of the president's most potent influence. He was much "safer" here since anything domestic requires support of both house and senate before it's law. Which during Bush's term in office was and still is controlled by democrats. 

The only thing this accomplished was demostrating how little he knew about current events, and how little he knew how our government worked.  He could have found this out himself if he only googled it...instead he ran his mouth and is undeniably an idiot for it. 

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