Sony Releases "Mandatory" PlayStation 3 System Software Update



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I was about to get one since I'm now a thousandaire thanks to my tax refund. The game store employee effectively talked me out of it since the only - and I mean only - game I want is Ratchet and Clank. Ok that and little big planet. $300 for 2 games is really not worth it. Even a used ps3 still costs too much. I really don't care for the blu ray part.



Wow! Tropies! Don't care!



Hating the current generation of consoles. They are becoming so PC like I rather game on my PC which I do 99.5% of the time now. The PS3 is always updating and it took on this ugly feature with one of these updates where when you turn it on it starts you out in the Playstation STORE instead of the game or video section. That feature really turned me off. Everytime I turn it on I see advertisements, no thanks. 



Bring me my 3D Blu-ray, throw in some affordable glasses, and maybe some 3D games (eww, imagine GoW series) and I might be willing to forgive for the loss of functions I originally paid for...   But in Sony's defense I appreciate the free online service, and will never go the XBOX route for that reason.   Pay 50-60 for a game and then a monthly subscription?!?!  (Same reason I can't get into MMORPGs)  



Perfect example of why sony sucks.

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