Sony Ready to Cash in on 3D Frenzy with New Receivers, Blu-ray Player



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This reminds me of the 80s.  What's up with that huge and no doubt heavy as hell receiver?  Aren't we going slim and light these days?  Should I put this in some ancient stereo cabinet along with my gigantic stereo billion band equalizer?  Am I the only one high enough to realize that you don't need any special equipment (other than glasses) for the 3D they plan on using?  Where's the turbo button on this beast?





I just don't see 3D taking a massive hold. I theaters...sure. I guess we'll see. It just doesn't seem like that breakthrough technology. I mean...3D has been around for a long time. Only now you can have it in your living room at the price of a bunch of seriously expensive equipment. 3D glasses are crazy expensive. whatever happened to the cheap paper glasses? lol..kidding. I guess only time will tell...I'm a audio video enthusiast...but i don't see going and buying thousands of dollars in equipment and movies just so I can simply have things appear closer. But again, thats just me. Who knows...I say that, but...even I may be pulled in to it.



It has been quite some time since the Sony ES series has been good equipment.  

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