Sony Reaches Out to Lady Gamers with Powder Pink PSP Handsets, Accessories



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It's fun watching haters say "Well *I* don't want it therefore this has no mass appeal". Maybe YOU are not the audience they are trying to reach. FWIW, my daughter, I don't even know what generation she is Y,Z,AA... Call it "generation bling" her and ALL of the other girls of her generation expect EVERYTHING to be personalized. They want it to have the wallpaper they want, they want the case to be the color/pattern/picture they want. They buy "skins" for cell phones, ipods, laptops, and PSPs. They customize ring tones, backgrounds, and their social networking pages. If your attitude is "you can have one any color you want as long as it's black", they'll tell YOU to hit the highway.


In fact, we SPECIFICALLY bought a "girly" PSP skin for her PSP for Christmas (at her request) because they did not offer PSPs in the colors she likes at the time.

So, Sony is trying to give consumers some choice... Let's complain! WTF. I expect better from MaxPC readers.




Sony is very aniquated with their idea that what female gamers want is "girly" looking things.  What they really want is games that take their mindset into cosdieration and, in the end, a good game.  When it boils down to it, female gamers want what male gamers want, minus sexist concepts.  Throwing pink onto a PSP does not make it more appealing to girls.  Producing games that they can enjoy without feeling like objects or marginalized is what will work.  Who care if the PSP is pink if the games have no appeal.  But painting the PSP in pink is an "easy" idea and solution.  And shame on them for thinking that's all it takes.  It's time to join the 21st century and treat women like they deserve;  as equals and, statiscally, the majority.



This is their idea of reaching out to female gamers?  A pink PSP complet with a purse carrying case, add to that the thing comes packaged in what looks like a box of tampons.

Their marketing department needs to try a little harder.



I was hoping that Sony would of offered a Spongebob PSP.  Until there's a Spongebob one, I'll stick with my gaming PC.



yeah cause as a lady gamer , what's really gonna get me into gaming is a psp that's pink, not the fact there aren't many games with strong female main characters released, for that system. No , it can't be that, the thing that will hook  us is it just being pink.


Peanut Fox

Look, Paris is going to be getting one later this week.  Are you in or not?



 There's Bayonetta...and uh...uh....Princes Peach in Mario Bros Wii!

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