Sony PlayStation 3 Turns 5 Years Old, Resists Retirement



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PS3 was so advance for its time that technology still has not really surpassed it yet. its CELL cpu is still overpowered and everything else fits right in specially because sony managed to emulate HDMI 1.4 with 1.3 hardware. The only thing that's barely behind is its video card based on nvidia 7000 series but its fine for another few years of console life. The only thing my fat ps3 is missing is an "app store", they should sell software within the PSN network that makes that beast more usefull,those apps would go well with the psp2 also if sony is planning to really compete against smartphones.



Wow....has it been THAT long since I picked up my launch day 60GB PS3? Damn the years have just flown by.

Speaking of....Ive got less than 90 gigs left on the 500GB HDD...once hard drive prices come back down Ill throw a 1TB in it. 



I still love my PS3 and see no need for another console release from sony until the 2014-15. I also enjoy gaming on my PC, but the PS3 is a great system for a variety of uses, not just gaming. I plan on buying a second one for the living room soon.



"HDDs were a side option for game consoles"

Sony, I'd like to introduce you to my original xbox. It's the size of a small moon (just like the first iteration of your console!) and has an HDD. Which microsoft made non standard on the followup for some reason.

I still don't think Nathan Drake is a household name, maybe Kratos.



thanks. I am enjoying Batman and Uncharted 3. I wanted BF3 for PC but i dont feel like spending $800-$1000 to update my PC to play a $60 game. So yes while the PS3 might be old technology now, I dont have to worry about upgrading a whole system to play games. 

I can play online, watch blue-ray videos, stream stuff to it, and web surf. Pretty much the same stuff I can do on a PC if i chose to. Maybe not to the effect of a PC but it works. 


so thanks for the 'Happy Birthday'



Happy birthday to console users that are playing games on 5 year old technology.



Ur point? 

BF3, Skyrim, Crysis....they all look almost exactly like their PC counterparts. 


zaphodbeeblebrox 42

if they were designed aound a pc and not a console it would be a different story.

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