Sony Plans to Launch Vaio P Follow-up by Year's End



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At work, we never, ever sell $onys when they are regularily priced. Only when they're clearance or on for 300 bucks off do they sell. Case in point, only the technologicaly blind people buy expensive $onys.






Sony be damned! With all the huge profits you get from overpriced computer products, you could've hired a better ass than that! ekekekeke 


he's pwning with a trackpad? oh really? oh reheheheeally?



900$ is outrageous!! And it doesn't matter what the specs are! Unless it's sportin 6 hours of up time, quad core, 4GB ram and an ATI mobile GPU, and a plethora of extra's. But I seriously doubt it. People will buy it just because it's a sony.....For all it's worth and by many's way of thinking, my Acer Aspire One should be considered an ultra-portable and that tiny ^$$#$@@ should be considered a netbook.

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