Sony Pictures CEO "Doesn't See Anything Good Having Come From The Internet"



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What a tool. Again, this is one of those matters where old people are trying to tell young people how to use technology. That guy needs to be shot. Along with the RIAA and the MPAA.       -Denis



I was going to go on a rant about this article until I realized I was typing my rant on a Sony Vaio....D'oh!



This is the CEO of Sony Pictures, maker of movies.  Not the same company as Sony, maker of electronics (the CEO of which seems to have at least part of a clue), though they're both subsidiaries of the main Sony company.

Aren't massive corporate higharchies fun? It's even more interesting when they have different names.  For example, Lamborghini is owned by Audi, which is owned by Volkswagen!  And Volkswagen is owned by Porsche!



Hey, let's play a game. It's called Count the Number of Times Sony Has Used the Internet for Viral Marketing.



Piracy is rampant because the products being offered are:

Not available yet
Cost too much
No longer in stores
Hard to find
Excessive Copy protection used

Perhaps the model of releasing movies to theaters and then six months later on video needs to change.  I dont go to theaters anymore unless i have a free ticket.  Sony is just crying because they are hurting and loosing money because people aren't upgrading to BluRay fast enough or buying the PS3, and the fad today is to blame piracy.



learn to cope????????????! um.... you are not in your twenties anymore, and your mind is in the 1990s.... but maybe you need to compete with the truth that the world has in their conflictions with you? but... fuck whatever. be ahead unless your mind is fixed on your tradition garbage and not on changes...... gay...... i dont want to make a point that is not seen....... every year means a new approach... you hear, dueshebag? come one, dont play sad and complicated... life changes and life is never supposed to perfect or lasts forever. okay? lol. the internert opens all doors and cliche and the obvious..... lol any opinions? lol haha.



"Dinosaurs will die"



It's just a generalization that happens to describe me pretty accurately.



Let's see... Sony sells the computers used to copy music, Sony sells the CD Roms to copy music, Sony sells the blank media to copy music. So Sony is mad they're making more money from people copying music than they make from their music division? Not sure that makes sense. Then to have an functionally retarted president make comments like this? Boy, are they out of touch. Keep fighting to keep the buggy-whip business going. I'm sure those nasty old gas automobiles will soon be a thing of the past, right? right? anyone?



This is exactly the tye of comment I would expect with someone whose inept management and unforgivably stupid business strategies would say.  Dinosaurs like him are the epitomy of failure, given his lack of forsight.  He's trying to sell a 1950's jukebox to people who want a walkman and then has the audacity to complain about his poor sales.

I would gladly pay for what I use as would most people; but the music (and movie) industry is still trying to live in their golden days and cannot accept that the internet DID change everything.  The business model they found so workable in 1979 is NOT the same as it in 2009.  Only... Michael Lynton apparently did not understand that.  I wonder if he lives in a Southern-style estate, bemoaning how women can vote now, and how the colored man is getting too uppity.

You either move with the flow of technology, or you go extinct.  Frankly speaking, Sony is interested only in marketing itself out of business by demonstrating just how impotent his understanding of technology really is.



There WAS piracy before the internet. It was just a LOT more difficult, it's so easy now that literally a 5 year old can do it.



Arrrr hand over the booty you land loving dog or else the plank with ya. 

Booty = movies 






'cause there was no piracy before the internet.

Fucking BELL END.

I'm not a fan of piracy, but this comment is so god damn retarded it makes you wonder how Sony is even able to operate in the 21st century.

Ohh wait, they can't. 

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